Creative. STHLM via L.A.



I'm David Matthew Olson. A hands-on strategic creative... or something like that. Unfortunately, I'm not strategic or creative enough to get my hands on a good way to describe what I am. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I've been creative all my life (a legal requirement for all California residents). In high school and college, I dedicated pretty much all of my free time to pursuing comedy, writing, and filmmaking. After finishing my Bachelor's, I gave up on the Hollywood dreams and decided to flee the U.S. in 2013 (before it was cool) in search of a better life in the socialist utopia of Sweden.

I went to Handelshögskolan for my Master's in Marketing & Media Management and learned everything there is to know about business (including the stuff they only tell you in secret societies). After graduating, I stayed in Stockholm and started working at Rebtel, where I currently serve as Creative Director.

With my creative nature, content production skills, and business education, I'm sort of like a one-man agency.

Oh, that's how I should have described myself... "A one-man agency." Yeah, that's good...