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Cuba Bus


Cuba Bus - Rebtel

In 2017, Rebtel wanted to raise awareness about its premium quality calls to Cuba. Since calling Cuba is extremely expensive and Cubans are skeptical about trying new services, Rebtel's in-house creative team pitched the idea of creating a Rebtel bus that drove around Miami and offered free calls to Cuba, so Cubans could experience Rebtel's quality and "speak freely" to Cuba like they never before. To spread the word about the Rebtel bus, I went to Miami to create a launch video with Los Pichy Boys, a popular Cuban comedy duo. The idea was to document Los Pichy Boys driving around Miami, inviting Cubans to hop on the bus and call Cuba for free. But this was easier said than done. Nobody wanted to get on the bus. They thought that the idea of "free calls to Cuba" was too good to be true.

With the bus launching in just a few days, we improvised a new narrative for the launch video and instead focused on the struggle of Los Pichy Boys not being able to convince any Cubans to join them on the bus.  I co-wrote, produced, directed, and edited the video, which was shot on a Thursday and turned around for a Saturday release.