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Tan Lejos, Tan Cerca

As Rebtel added new services to its international calling app, such as messaging, money transfer, and mobile top-up, it seemed like the right time to also re-introduce Rebtel to the Cuban market with an evolved brand that reflected Rebtel’s new offerings. Previously, Rebtel had worked with popular Cuban comedians as a key part of its brand strategy - but many of the competitors were doing the same. In order to stand out in the market, Rebtel wanted to do something radically different and bold for its Cuban audience. Rather than developing content for and about the Cuban expats who use Rebtel’s services to connect back to Cuba, the in-house marketing team proposed the idea of putting the spotlight on Cuba itself as an emotional reminder of and tribute to the people that Rebtel’s users stay connected to through its services.

With the in-house creative team, I developed the concept Tan Lejos, Tan Cerca (“So Far, So Close”), a series of short documentaries that tell the stories of Cubans in Havana with loved ones who have left the island and how they try to stay connected despite the distance. The title is a reference to the complicated divide between Cuba and the USA - being only 90 miles away from each other, but feeling worlds apart due to various borders between them - whether geographical, technological, political, economic, or cultural. Along with the documentaries, we also collaborated with up-and-coming Cuban rappers El Individuo & J.D. Asere to create an original song and music video, which served as an anthem and teaser for the project.

I developed the concept, co-produced the shoot, directed the documentaries and music video, and edited the music video. I was also involved in the media strategy and planning of the premiere party in Miami, FL.